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Staying Safe Around Forklift Rotators

A forklift rotator is an essential piece of equipment for any organisation that needs to regularly and quickly invert and dump loads. While extremely convenient, additional care must be taken around these pieces of equipment, as they add a few extra dangers to your standard forklift that both the operator and the employees around the vehicle must be aware of.

At Eureka Forklifts, we want everyone to be able to enjoy a safe, efficient and productive work environment, so we’ve put together this article highlighting a few key areas to be aware of as you integrate these machines into your workplace. Read on and keep your staff safe.

The importance of securing your load

Ensuring that your load is stable and secure is essential to any forklift, but is especially important when using a rotator that allows an additional axis of movement. With many rotators moving very rapidly, a badly secured or improperly fitted load could easily come undone, destroying precious stock and potentially injuring the operator or a passer-by. Invest in additional securing measures such as ropes or bindings as required. Work on the idea that the more the load has to move, the more binding it needs.

Preventing dangerous spills

Rotators are primarily used in industries such as agriculture, construction, paper manufacturing or food processing – any role where loose or liquid materials need to be rapidly unloaded from a pallet or bin. Many of the materials used in these roles can be dangerous to people, so provide your staff with additional training around how to safely handle these containers. Inaccurate tipping can result in costly and potentially-life threating accidents, so ensure your staff understand the risks and how to avoid them.

Be aware of your surroundings

Rotators call for new awareness of the operator’s surroundings. When unloading a bin into a container, they need the side opposite the container to be completely free of people, as the forks will swing up rapidly with more than enough force to seriously injure or kill.

At Eureka Forklifts, we have extensive experience helping every forklift operator choose the right attachments for their fleet. If you’re looking for a rotator, work with our team to find one that fits your fleet and meets your requirements. Browse the Eureka Forklifts range today and discover something ideal for your operations.


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