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The benefits of using forklift slippers in your warehouse

Forklifts are an indispensable tool in modern warehouses, providing a fast and efficient way to manoeuvre and manipulate heavy loads from one place to another. However, operating a forklift can be dangerous if the proper safety measures are not followed or if you use the wrong extension for the load type you’re trying to carry. 

Forklift slippers are an essential accessory for your forklift if you’re conscious about warehouse safety and handling loads in the safest way possible. 

What do forklift slippers actually do?

Forklift slippers are attachments fitted onto the forks or tines of a forklift and are designed to provide additional stability and grip to larger or more cumbersome loads a forklift might be required to carry. They are an incredibly popular forklift attachment as they significantly reduce the risk of accidents and damage to the load and the forklift. 

Here are some of the key uses of forklift slippers:

Whilst many forklift attachments span a wide variety and range of uses, forklift slippers are one of our most popular sellers due to their usefulness in a range of different applications. 

Forklift slippers improve the stability of your forklift
The primary purpose of forklift slippers is to provide increased stability to the load being carried. They do this by increasing the surface area of the forks, which in turn increases the contact between the load and the forks. This helps to provide a more stable base for the load, reducing the risk of it slipping or tipping over.

Forklift slippers help reduce damage to loads
Forklift slippers can also help to reduce damage to any loads being carried. They provide a softer surface for the load to rest on, which can help to absorb impacts and reduce the risk of damage to delicate or fragile items.

This is especially handy if your business needs to move or manoeuvre delicate or easy-to-damage loads around your factory floor or warehouse.

Forklift slippers increase safety
Forklift slippers also play a key role in improving safety in the warehouse – not only for drivers and operators but for those working in close proximity to vehicles. By reducing the risk of accidents and damage to the load and forklift, forklift slippers help to ensure that everyone in the warehouse remains safe and protected.

Slippers increase the versatility of your forklift 
Another advantage of forklift slippers is that they greatly increase the versatility of the forklift. They can be used to carry a wide range of different loads, including fragile items, large boxes and pallets or longer, awkwardly shaped loads, making them a valuable addition to any warehouse.

How much do forklift slippers cost?
Here at Eureka Forklifts, we attempt to make forklifts and forklift accessories as affordable as possible; that’s why we have a range of forklift slippers available at different prices. 

We stock forklift slippers ranging from $650 to $1,050 (at the time of writing), which is an incredibly affordable way to increase the versatility and features of your forklift. 

If you are considering purchasing forklift slippers, be sure to invest in a quality set from Eureka Forklifts to maximise the benefits of your investment.


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