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Should You Sell Your Forklift or Keep it: 15 Tips You Must Know

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Whether you need a forklift for an enormous project or simply for a couple of days to get you through a smaller DIY project, it can often be better logistically and financially to rent a forklift than to get one.

Forklifts are an essential of part of your work, helping you save many man-hours and hard physical labour, turning otherwise difficult jobs into quick and straightforward ones, and completing tasks that simply could not be achieved without one.

But this does not mean you have got to fork out an enormous a part of your budget to get one.

Forklift hire is effective, efficient and straightforward, and may prevent stress, dollars and time.

Here are some questions you ought to consider hiring before buying.


Q:           How do I know its time to trade in or sell my forklift.

A forklift should be traded in when the upkeep, repairs, outweigh the cost of purchasing a replacement, either used or new.  Or the forklift you have does not do what you need it to do.  The business may have expanded, lift heavier loads now or more product.  New pallet racking etc.

Q:           Why should I consider trading it in.

Trading the unit will make the process more streamlined.  You won’t have to advertise, deal with no shows and low offers and the usual drama of having to deal with the public when selling.

Q:           Why should I sell it privately?

Selling it privately, you may get more money than you will be offered as a trade-in.  The dealer has to bring the unit up to a saleable standard for retail sale, has to check and service the unit.  Whereas a private sale, buyer beware.  As is.

Q:           Do I need a ready for sale certificate – roadworthy rego

There no safety certificate for forklift in Qld.  All LPG units have to have an LPG Certificate though that is current.

Q:           Which companies purchase used forklifts – us?

Eureka Forklifts will purchase your used forklifts, running or not.  Ring us for a price.

Q:           When my company buys a new forklift, how do we sell the old ones without giving them away? 

I would ask 3 different people to give you a price to purchase the forklift or forklifts.  The best of the 3 prices would be fair as a market price.  Keep in mind if you sell the unit back to a dealer, then they will have the added cost of having to run it through their workshop and bring it up a suitable standard, servicing, brake rebuild repairs etc.  As a dealer, they are responsible and liable for selling a good machine.  That’s the reassurance you get from buying from a forklift dealer and not privately. 

Q:           Ok, so if I sell my forklift, how do I know I’m getting the best price or the maximum amount for it?

Again, I would ask 3 companies or persons to give you a price and take the best offer.

Q:           My forklift isn’t functional – it just stopped working, will anyone purchase a broken down forklift?

Yes.  Companies such as ourselves – Eureka Forklifts will purchase broken, not working and even damaged forklifts for parts use – we recycle as much of the forklift as we can.  With any unused parts going to metal recycling.

Q:           Can I sell my used forklifts on consignment?

No dealers I know of will take units on consignment, including myself.  You may be able to send it to the auction.

Q:           Are there any companies in Brisbane that will let me sell forklift on consignment?

None that I know of.  But Us – Eureka Forklifts will buy your forklift outright.

Q:           I haven’t been maintaining my forklift, will I still be able to sell it?.

Yes.  If your forklift is still mechanically sound it is saleable.  Even if it is broken down, damaged unusable, it still has value as parts.

Q:           My forklift hour meter exceeds 10,000 hrs, does that mean the value has dropped significantly?

10,000 hours – is a significant amount of hours on a forklift.  It comes down to how well it has been maintained.  And how and where it has been used.  All these factors affect condition and value.  But yes the value has dropped, like a car the more usage the less the residual value and life the product has left in it.

Q:           There are visible damage and dents to my forklift machine, should I get it fixed before I sell?

Really the money you will spend and time waiting for the repairs, just sell it.  Some people will prefer it as is, and you won't get invested money back on top of the price you would have achieved not repaired.   Another factor is if it is repaired and painted, people will wonder why it is painted.  Original condition is better.

Q:           is there a particular brand that I should consider buying for my next forklift?

This comes down to budget, and intended usage.  I would always recommend a name brand unit, TCM, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Hyster Yale – Made in Japan.  Don’t buy a Chinese unit.  There is a reason they are cheap.  And at Eureka Forklifts, we usually refuse to work on them.  It is not our fault if parts are not easy to obtain, expensive and the parts are rubbish.  That’s why don’t sell them or work on them.

Q:           My forklift has additional features - digital control panel, air-conditioned cab, automatic load weighing scales – will I get the resale value if with these features – or can I remove some?

You will get additional value/price if you find someone who needs and appreciates these features.  If they don’t need it, they won’t pay more.  The time to remove and install – regas air con, recalibrate scales, makes it uneconomical to transfer between machines for most common added features.

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