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Battery Electric Forklifts – Are They Right for Your Workplace?

Whether you’re building a new business or decided it’s time for an upgrade to your existing fleet, deciding which power source your forklifts will run on is a major decision and not one to be made lightly. With diesel, LPG and electrical-powered models all available, choosing a forklift is going to have a significant impact on the type and extent of ongoing costs your business incurs.

To help you make an informed decision for your organisation, we’ve put together this short article breaking down the differences between the different power sources, ensuring that your next purchase is a smart one.

Upfront vs ongoing costs

The total cost of ownership for LPG and diesel forklifts differs sharply from that of an electric forklift. Due to the complex manufacturing processes that go into building a battery electric forklift, the upfront cost of these models is often significantly higher – sometimes as much as double – than that of an LPG or diesel forklift. Despite this, battery electric forklifts can be significantly cheaper to run over their entire life-cycle. Fewer moving parts and charging via the grid means that ongoing costs like fuel and maintenance are minimised.

Environmental factors

Choosing electric has benefits for your business and for the planet. Electric power is useful for businesses handling large quantities of food or any other product that could be spoiled or adversely affected by the exhaust from an LPG or diesel engine. What’s more, you’ll be providing a cleaner, more hygienic environment for your employees, improving their health and the indoor air quality of your facility.

While electric forklifts do indirectly produce greenhouse gas emissions via charging from the grid, they are much easier on the planet than their internal combustion engine-equipped equivalents. If yours is a business with a focus on environment responsibility and on minimising your carbon footprint, choosing electric power for your forklifts can make a significant contribution to achieving these goals.

Power and lifting capabilities

Fundamentally, the nature of your business will determine whether battery electric forklifts are right for your workplace. Diesel and LPG offer enhanced lifting capacity and power that electric models simply can’t match, so if you’re in heavy industry or regularly move large loads, you may be restricted to internal combustion engine units. However, for lighter loads or in industries where you can count on having good surfaces to work on at all times, electric power is a viable alternative, and is to be considered where handling sensitive or perishable goods.

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