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Casual/Short-Term Hire – What is it and is it worth it?

Casual forklift hire refers to very short term hires from a few hours up to one week. Many operations find that they require a forklift less than once every 3-6 months. In these situations, it is not worthwhile to purchase a forklift – even a cheap (but still high quality) used forklift. The logical alternative is to hire a forklift that exactly suits your needs, only for the time you need it.

Listed below are the majority of advantages and disadvantages in relation to short-term casual hires:


  • You are guaranteed a functional forklift for the duration of the hire.
  • No need to worry about servicing and maintenance.
  • You do not have to register the forklift.
  • Hire a forklift with the appropriate attachment to suit your needs. (e.g. a rotator or clamp).
  • Allows you to try-before-you-buy.
  • Driver hire options are available.


  • Higher cost per day.
  • There are additional costs associated with moving the forklift from the Eureka Depot to customer’s site.
  • Use of a forklift must be planned at least 24 hours ahead of time.

Not every situation is the same, so contact the Eureka Forklifts office in North Brisbane today so we can make a recommendation depending upon your needs.


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