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A Few Reasons Why An Extra Second Hand Forklift may be an Important Option to Consider

Not every forklift is the same design and there are different types depending on what you plan on using them for. You may be utilising them for warehousing, moving around small objects for your storage or just getting pallets worked around, a forklift can do many things depending on what you need. This is where we’ll tell you clearly that you need more than one of those forklifts to get your operation going and you might as well get a used one. Why do you need it? Are we just saying this for you to buy more? Here’s why.

Choosing Used Forklifts for Both Power and Precision

There are forklift types that interchange in usefulness, depending on the types that you need. There are forklifts that are better in precision work like the narrow aisle forklift while there are types that are better used for heavy duty work types like rough terrain forklifts. You obviously cannot interchange either, considering that the job requires two different sets of skills and lifting methods. Why would you choose only one if you need both?

It’s common sense to have at least two lifting machines with you – one takes care of heavy duty carrying ( outside maybe ) while the other is a precision lift that takes care of moving smaller weighted boxes into aisles and adjusting pallet stacks as neatly and as tightly as possible to get as much space for your other materials. Second hand forklifts work for these purposes as you would not want to overwork a machine that is not rated for a heavier workload, while there is no real point in using a big lift to do precision aisle adjustments.

Maneuver Tight Spots Easily with Your Forklift

When you are stacking your pallets and shipments together, there are many ways to do it and you would want this done as efficiently as possible – take out the material you need as easily as you bring it in. You will, eventually, require to do work that you might need to use multiple forklifts with different attachments, or would have to do some of such work simultaneously. You would be wasting an entire day adding, removing and re-adding new attachments and blades if you only had a single forklift.

It’s always smart to keep at least a couple of forklifts ready, if your organisation is of size warranting this – one with the standard blades that carry material to and fro using pallets, while another uses a specialised attachment for other lifting purposes – a flat surface clamp, rotators or maybe one with a multiple load handler. This helps with your productivity and the efficiency of your work.

Having a Quick Replacement Spare

Sometimes, you may need a second forklift because of many different reasons. One of which is that the first one is being used for an initial task, while another will be required for a whole new task that you need finished. You might need to do both tasks simultaneously, or just do a single task faster. From pulling goods shipments, moving pallets and unloading crates quickly, a second one may be invaluable.

Why utilise a second-hand forklift though? That’s because unless you’re a big business, a brand new forklift, or a couple of forklifts, would cost a lot of money. A used forklift can do the same job for lesser investment. You still get the same job done, that a new unit does, but at a lower cost. You just need to make sure to buy your second-hand forklift from a trusted provider.


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