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Are electric forklifts good? We help you consider the options

As the global market for goods and services changes, so too must our approach towards stock management, fulfilment and how we run our business. Many of our customers are finding their forklift requirements have changed dramatically over the past few years and the great news is that Eureka Forklifts is always on the lookout for a wide range of makes and models that help our customers achieve their business goals. 

As more and more forklift options are available today, many of our customers are looking to expand the range of forklifts they have available for use within their business, including a range of electric vehicles. When considering purchasing a second-hand forklift or renting a forklift, typically, there is one major decision that will determine which type of forklift you go for – does it have a combustion engine, or is it an electric forklift?

Should I get an electric forklift?

This is a great question; it depends on what you plan to use your forklift for. It’s worth noting that the technology around electric forklifts has advanced dramatically in the past few years (as have all electric vehicles) so the old idea that an electric forklift was a poor, inefficient alternative to a forklift powered by an internal combustion engine doesn’t really hold much water these days.  

Looking at market trends, electric forklifts Class I (Electric Motor Rider Truck) now make up the largest proportion of forklifts in the Australian market (22%*), so more and more people are moving towards electric forklifts as a solution for their business. 

Electric forklifts – what are the benefits?

As we’re getting more and more enquiries about electric forklifts, we thought it might be a good idea to run through some of the benefits of these types of vehicles to help you decide if an electric forklift is a right choice for your business. 

Electric forklifts have great manoeuvrability 
Because they don’t need to have a large, bulky combustion engine added to them, electric forklifts will typically be much better at moving around your warehouse or factory than their petrol counterparts. They also have a lower centre of gravity and smaller chassis, making them a great option for businesses in smaller work areas or tight spaces. 

Electric forklifts are environmentally friendly
With the global move towards green energy, everyone is now considering their impact on the earth and how they do business. When compared to petrol or diesel forklifts, electric forklifts emit significantly less carbon emissions. This is great news if you’re looking at reducing your company's carbon footprint. 

Electric forklifts have lower running costs than petrol, diesel or LPG 
Whilst you will find you usually need to make a larger investment upfront on an electric forklift (electric forklifts often cost more to purchase than a petrol, LPG or diesel forklift), over time, you will find the lower running costs definitely add up, and you will more often than not, come out on top in terms of saving $$$$ in the long run. 

Electric forklifts are quiet
If your business has residential homes nearby or you work in an area where neighbours are close, noise can be an issue. Forklifts with a combustion engine are considerably louder than electric forklifts, so if you’re looking for a solution that doesn’t put people’s hearing at risk or affects close-by neighbours, an electric forklift is a good option to consider. 

Electric forklifts have fewer maintenance requirements – saving you money
As electric forklifts usually come with fewer components than LPG, diesel or petrol forklifts, their overall maintenance costs is a lot less complicated. Another great advantage of electric forklifts is that you can often benefit from longer service schedules meaning an electric forklift is out of action being serviced less often than a petrol or LPG vehicle. 

These are just a few of the benefits of an electric forklift. If you’re still not sure and would like to talk with an expert that’s been in the business for almost 30 years, contact us today and chat with owner Troy about your requirements. 



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