Flameproof Forklift Hire

We offer flameproof forklift hire options all across Brisbane.

If your business requires a flameproof forklift rental, we have a range of machines available to hire or rent that are perfect for hazardous environments or for moving dangerous goods. We offer:-

  • Flameproof Toyota forklift hire
  • Flameproof Mitsubishi forklift hire
  • Flameproof Nissan forklift hire
  • Flameproof diesel forklift hire

Take a look at the selection of flameproof forklifts we currently have available for hire or rent below.

What makes a forklift flameproof?

For many companies, the machines they use (forklifts in particular) need to operate safely in hazardous environments. Our flameproof forklifts help to increase overall safety whilst reducing the risk of fire by eliminating any potential source of ignition on the unit. 

Working in hazardous environments

Our flameproof forklifts are rated to work in a range of different hazardous environments including:-

  • Areas with combustible particles (grain, fibres, dust, etc)
  • Areas with flammable gases such as methane, LPG, etc
  • Areas with flammable liquids such as petrol, ethanol, paint thinners, kerosene, acetone, etc

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Flameproof forklift rental that’s effective and easy to organise

If the flameproof forklifts we currently have available don’t suit your needs, feel free to call us and ask about other units we may have on the way. We are always on the lookout for new and used flameproof forklifts so what you see on the website may not be what’s available.


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