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Why Reach Trucks May Be Perfect For Your Warehouse Environment

While counterbalance forklifts are the most commonly used vehicles in Australia, a number of businesses are achieving exceptional results and substantial savings optimising their operations for reach trucks. Reach trucks differ from counterbalance forklifts in a number of ways, but fundamentally allow your business to more effectively use its space without sacrificing employee comfort or efficiency. 

More room for shelving

Reach trucks offer a significantly smaller turning circle than counterbalance forklifts. A warehouse optimised for reach trucks only requires roughly 2.5 metres between shelves, rather than closer to 4 metres in the case of counterbalance forklifts. This means you regain as much as a third of every aisle for use in storage, allowing you to install more shelving closer together.

Ideal for smaller properties

For business-owners with smaller warehouses, reach trucks allow them to compete with companies with access to larger storage areas. Savvy owners can achieve exceptional savings and enhanced productivity making the jump to reach trucks, helping them make maximum use of every square metre of their property, allowing you to achieve the output of a larger facility with a much smaller warehouse.

Safer load carrying

The unique design of a reach truck means that less of the load protrudes over the edge of the vehicle. This allows the vehicle to turn on a tighter circle, it also enhances occupational health and safety by reducing the chance of passers-by being struck by the load.

The design of the reach truck also means that the load is carried over the drive wheel, centring the weight of the vehicle better and protecting against tip-overs.

Lightweight and energy efficient without sacrificing power or versatility

Despite their smaller stature, many reach trucks can carry up to 2 tonnes of weight with ease, making them a surprisingly flexible option for companies working with goods of all sizes. Reach trucks are capable of working inside and outside as long as the loading surface is flat. Being battery powered, they also cannot be used outside during rain. This said they are a great choice for warehouses and docks, and are the preferred forklift for many businesses.

To learn more about why a reach truck may suit your warehousing requirements, speak to the team at Eureka Forklifts, Queensland’s leaders in the hire and sale of forklifts of all designs.


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