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Used Forklifts: FAQ

Wondering why your forklift isnt starting? Here's some common questions we get asked


Q:           What happens if they don’t change the oil filter

 A:            If the oil and oil filter are not changed at the required intervals, then the contaminates stay in the system and build up,  this causes excessive wear on the engine.  And the more it wears, the more contaminates are produced and so on and so no.   it can and does result in complete engine failure – expensive engine replacement.  Also causes unit to run rough, incomplete combustion and more excessive wear on the engine.

Q:           What’s the worst that can happen if they don’t change the brakes

 A:            You will have no brakes.   If brakes are not checked and maintained, the brakes will fail.  From you gradually losing brakes, to a complete failure of the master cylinder for example where the pedal will go to the floor.  A 2.5 ton forklift weighs 4 ton, and carries 2.5 ton, so weighs 6.5 ton loaded.  Without brakes, very very dangerous.

Q:           Why they need to change the hydraulic fluids

 A:            Hydraulic oil/fluid is changed as it absorbs contaminates.  And after the specified time should be changed to remove the contaminates form the system.  If they are not removed from the system then the contaminates will damage the system through wear, the oil  fluid will not be able to do its job, and result in damage to components of the hydraulic system.

Q:           How do I get a non-pedestrian forklift license.

 A:            You can do a Course at one of the many Forklift Training facilities – ring us for a referral.

You can also do a licence under a log book system similar to the car licence L plate learner system.  Again this has to be through a registered service provider, again, ring for a referral.

Q:           Do I need a licence to operate a forklift – for a small warehouse?

 A:            Yes if the forklift is not a pedestrian operated forklift – walk behind, then a forklift licence is required.

Q:           Does a forklift need to be registered to be driving on the road.

 A:            Yes – In Queensland, a forklift has to be conditionally registered to allow it to have limited road access – please see relevant requirements in your state.

Q:           What pedestrian safety tips are there to prevent forklift workplace accidents

 A:            The mix of pedestrians and forklifts weighing 2.5 ton and substantially more, moving at speed is a dangerous mix.

Forklift have right of way in the warehouse, except for designated pedestrian walking areas and crossings.  Similar to pedestrian crossings on the road.

Pedestrians have to be aware that forklift drivers have limited visibility.  Always approach with caution.  Signal the driver, verbally or otherwise. 

And never approach unless he is aware that you the pedestrian are there.

Always be aware when walking in a forklift/warehouse area.

Hi-Vis workwear should always be worn in the warehouse environment, otherwise do not enter.

Other PPE should also be steel cap boots.  If a forklift runs over a foot it can cause significant injury.

Q:           Could forklift load wheels can fail? Why?  How can that be prevented? – Electric Forklifts.

 A:            Poly Load Wheels. Yes.  Failure can be caused by damage to the wheel.  The wheel can be damaged by collision, contamination by chemical: example – petrol, diesel, and misuse.  This will cause the wheel to deform, flat spot and or delaminate.   The load wheel could also fail due to bearing failure, caused by again collision, and bad maintenance. – the bearing not being greased etc.

This can be prevented by correct maintenance and servicing of the unit, correct driver operation, and Daily Inspections being carried out, so any faults can be addressed prior to failure.

If in Doubt Get It Checked Out – By a Professional.

Q:           Why do I need to care for my forklift lift truck battery

 A:            Proper maintenance of your battery in an Electric forklift is of Paramount Importance.

If the battery is properly maintained, charged correctly, water added at the correct time, wiped down and leads maintained, then the battery will give the maximum life and battery performance.

If it is not maintained, then the opposite is reflected, in reduced battery life, incomplete charges, potential acid spillage and breakdowns.

Battery life is to be maximised, given the cost of a Flooded Lead Acid Traction Battery, with costs being thousands and thousands of dollars.  Some batteries will into the 7-10, 000 dollar mark.

Q:           How long does a lift truck battery last? – Electric Forklift

A:            A battery is rated from new at 1500 Cycles 9 Charge / Discharge )  – Which equates to 5 years, daily hard use.

This is the warranty period on a good name branded battery.  5 years.

But with good Battery Maintenance, a battery will last much longer

I have seen batteries of 10-12 years still in use.

But it all comes back to good Battery Maintenance, charging and proper care.

Q:           Why won’t my lift truck won’t start?

 A:            Some basic ideas below:  LPG, Petrol and Diesel Units.

Flat battery

Bad terminal connections

Unit is not in neutral to start

Faulty neutral switch

Faulty fwd / Rev lever

Out of fuel

Fuel selector switch is in wrong position

Faulty ignition switch

Q:           Why won’t my lift truck won’t start?

Some basic ideas below:  Electric Units.

Flat battery

Neutral switch fault

Dead man switch fault

Start up issue – procedural

Emergency stop button is activated.

Battery is unplugged

Q:           Are there any occupational safety guidelines for operating an order lift truck forklift?

Yes, there are many. Too many to cover here. Most importantly though:

An order picker requires an order picker licence and not just an ordinary forklift licence.

The operator must be trained to operate this unit correctly and the occupational safety guidelines for operating one of these machines.

If you want a qualified forklift mechanic to inspect your forklift, please call Troy on 07 3865 1205


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