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Three Misconceptions About Used Forklifts That We Hear Too Often

If you are looking for a forklift to meet the growing needs of your business, you have probably already noticed that you have the option to choose between hiring, buying second-hand and buying new. Choosing to purchase a used model can be a great idea for a number of reasons, especially when it comes to your finances — it’s not always viable to splash out for a brand new forklift, and you may need it for a period of time that is too long to justify the price of hiring one.

However, we still encounter a number of customers with misguided concerns about buying used for their business. Here are some of the statements we’ve heard in the second hand vs. new debate and why you should ignore them when making your choice.

“Second-hand means second best”

Many people are quick to fear they are walking into the “used car salesmen” cliché straight out of a cartoon, and picture themselves getting scammed for a forklift without an engine and a chassis held together with half a roll of duct tape. On the contrary, forklifts for sale from our fleet are all fully functional, and are put through a thorough safety and workshop inspection before they are delivered to you. In fact, most models are completely mechanically sound and have been heavily discounted simply due to general depreciation or minor cosmetic damage. They can even be refurbished to look like new!

“Prices for used goods are unfairly inflated”

The evil twin sister of the exaggerated sales pitch is a price that way overshoots the worth of the vehicle. When you buy a used forklift from us, you know what you are buying and will receive no nasty surprises when it gets to your warehouse. If there is absolutely anything about the model that you should be aware of, we will tell you from the outset and give you a price that reflects the value it will provide your business.

“Used dealers try to offload cheaply made vehicles”

Selling second-hand forklifts is no different to offering a range of new models — it’s important for any dealer to stock vehicles from trusted manufacturers if they are at all concerned about their own reputation. When it comes to forklifts, Japanese-made models are highly regarded for their quality and form the majority of both new and used trade conducted by Eureka Forklifts.


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