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Is it time for a forklift repair service?

Like any vehicle, forklifts need regular servicing and occasional repairs to keep them running at optimum performance. 

Depending on how hard you run your forklifts and the environments they’re operating in, the repairs you need or how often your forklift requires servicing will vary. The type of forklift (or forklifts) you run in your operation will also impact on repairs and servicing schedules. 

If you notice something odd in the operation of your forklift, you may likely need repairs or servicing, but what are the signs that your forklift requires repairs? We outline some of the more common issues we encounter when completing our Brisbane forklift repair services across multiple businesses and industries. 

Oil or fluid puddling on the floor

If you arrive in the morning to a puddle of oil or fluid underneath your forklift, this is a sign it needs attention right away. If the engine is leaking oil or there is a hydraulic fluid leak, this could be a major risk to your forklift operator and the forklift itself. 

If the fluid leaks from your forklift, this will cause unnecessary wear and tear on multiple parts of the vehicle, including the engine, transmission and lifting components in the hydraulics. Whilst it may be tempting to simply top off the leaks, this won’t deal with the underlying issue that’s causing the problem and could lead to irreversible damage to your vehicle and the stock it’s lifting at the time. 

Strange fumes

Most modern forklifts will burn very clean and produce very little exhaust (they have to if they’re going to be able to work in closed environments like factories and warehouses) so if your forklift is producing strange and unusual fumes it may be a sign you require some repairs (we apologise but we are unable to do anything about strange and unusual fumes emanating from your forklift operators!).

If you or your operators notice a difference in aroma to the fumes coming from the forklift, this could be caused by engine problems. It’s important to have issues like this looked at ASAP as this may also impact your health and safety requirements for air quality. 

Glitchy lifting 

If your mast extension is lifting like a first-time lifter at the gym in an earthquake, it’s likely your forklift either needs repairs or servicing right away. If your hydraulic is clanking, clicking, rattling or making noises that ‘don’t quite sound right’, you need to get this looked at immediately. 

The best case scenario is that it’s something to do with your mast, carriage or hydraulics. The worst case is your chain is about to malfunction, causing major damage to the operator, vehicle and stock. 

Lights, lights and more lights

It’s easy to ignore those panel indicators when you’ve got a big order to fill and deadlines to meet; however, ignoring those lights could lead you down the path of expensive repairs and a forklift that’s out of action for a considerable time, depending on what is wrong. 

Many signals won’t require immediate attention; however, it’s worth getting to know which panel lights require immediate attention and which ones you may be able to hold off on looking into (if you’re not sure about this, please contact us, and we can advise). 

Damage to the chain

The chain is one of the hardest working parts on a forklift, so it’s little wonder these often need repair or maintenance. If you happen to notice rust, corrosion, kinks or damage to links in the chain, it’s time to have someone look at it. 

As always, it’s best practice to check over all elements of your forklift before use to ensure operators, the vehicle and stock won’t be in any danger because of faulty or broken elements on your forklift. 

If you have any questions about forklift repairs or maintenance, please feel free to contact us at any stage.


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