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Is it hard to drive a forklift?

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If you need to stack and transfer loads at your warehouse, a forklift is a perfect solution.

While forklifts offer a practical material handling solution for your business, you should practise safe forklift driving with forklift training recommended

Below are some questions we put to Troy from Eureka Forklifts about the safe operation of forklifts and are a good starting point to support operational and safety guidelines.

Q:           Are Forklifts more likely to tip over and is it harder to steer than cars,

A:            Yes forklifts steer from the rear, and the front is drive.  Reverse to a car.  So it is harder to drive than a car and completely different.

Q:           I have a manual car license – is that sufficient to drive the forklift.

A:            No.. A forklift requires a Forklift Licence. – See details for your local accreditation.

Q:           Are there any health and safety issues I should know of?

A:            Many, too many to list here.  When you do a Forklift Driving Course they will cover WH and S topics.

Q:           Do I need an operator’s certification before driving a forklift.

A:            Yes.

Q:           Is there a safe way to climb into the forklift.

A:            As per any climbing, maintain 3 points of contact while climbing into a forklift.

Q:           Is it essential to wear seatbelts

A:            Seat belts are compulsory on forklifts and so is there use while operating a forklift.

Q:           Can I grab the steering wheel while pulling myself into the cabin?.

A:            No, the steering wheel may move.  Making your grip and your self unstable while mounting the forklift.

Q:           Can I start the forklift before getting into the cabin?.

A:            No.  Only start the forklift after Daily Inspection has been completed and you have taken the driving positioned, fastened seta belt and made sure hand brake on,  is shift lever is in Neutral before starting.

Q:           Is it safe to enter the cabin if the shifter lever in neutral?

A:            Yes. But make sure the unit is not running.  You should never exit a forklift and leave the unit running.

Q:           Should the emergency brake lever be activated before boarding the cabin?

A:            The hand brake should be engaged before leaving and entering the forklift cabin.

Q:           If the fork’s 2 tines are touching the ground, can I still drive it?

A:            Raise the tines before driving the forklift.

Q:           How do I control the tines.

A:            The tines are locked into position by the tine pin on top of the tine.  The tine pin should be locked at all times unless moving the tines.  And locked again after moving the tines.

Q:           Can the tines be moved manually.

A:            Yes.  As long as the unit is not fitted with hydraulic tine positioning. Please consult the manual for your unit.

Q:           Are there any safety instructions when driving the forklift on the road.

A:            Many see your local regulatory authority.  Give way to all cars, the forklift must be registered.  And you must be licensed for forklift and road use of that size machine on the road. The forklift must be registered to drive on the road.  Please see your local requirement. Obey all traffic rules.  And forklift rules.  You also have to be licenced for the weight of the forklift on the road.  Just because you have a car licence and a forklift licence you cannot drive any size forklift on the road.  If you have a car licence you will be restricted to the same weight of the vehicle as you can licence.

Q:           Is it ok to unload while the forklift engine is running.

A:            No, if you are unloading the product from a pallet that is on the forklift, the forklift should not be running anytime you are not in the seated position on the forklift it should be off.

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