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Don’t Buy A Forklift Battery Until You Have The Answers To These 13 Must Know Questions!

There are so many types of forklift batteries available in the market today. But you may have no idea which one will suit your needs better.

Before you invest your hard-earned money in a battery that may ruin your driving experience because your forklift stops abruptly in the middle of a job.

But buying or choosing your forklift battery does not depend on options, rather it depends on the forklift engine size and technology amongst other things.

Your decisions to purchase a new battery depends on the information you have on hand, so here are 13 essential questions you must ask your forklift battery dealer


What are the key things I should look for when choosing the best battery for my forklift?

-Ask the supplier, what is the warranty period and conditions.  With most suppliers, they will say 5 years warranty, which is great.  But depending on the conditions it may not be full replacement warranty.  For example, after the first 2 years, it maybe 60% of the cost on the 3rd year, 40% of the cost on the 4th etc.  Best to ask upfront for all warranty conditions

Where is the battery made?  Japan quality will be usually better than China for Example.

Who is the manufacturer?  Brand – Do research on the brand.

What is the best forklift battery brand that you’d recommend?

Yuasa – Made in Japan.

Is it important to check how much a forklift battery weighs?

Yes.  In electric forklifts, the battery contributes to the counterbalance weight of the forklift to provide safety when lifting objects to height.  Without the correct weight in the battery, the forklift will be unsafe to operate at its specified heights

Can I buy a used Forklift battery instead of a new one?

You can.  But you have to have confidence in the supplier.  Is there any warranty?

If it is a high use environment I don’t recommend.

If it is a light use environment you may be ok.

Can I use a car battery instead of a forklift battery?

No.  A car battery is designed for cranking the car engine.  So high amps for a short time to start.  A Forklift battery is designed for load for a continuous period of time.

Should I use a reconditioned forklift battery?

You can.  But you have to have confidence in the supplier.  Is there any warranty?

Reconditioning of a battery usually involves, changing the acid and trying to remove sulfation off the lead plates in the cells.  It can be successful to prolong the life of the battery, but it is not a new battery and I do not agree with the term reconditioned, as the battery has only been given an extension to its work life, it has not been renewed as such

How much is a scrap forklift battery worth and is it recommended so I can save on new battery?

The scrap Battery worth is usually taken into account with the purchase of a new battery as a reduction in the cost of the new battery.  The battery cells are not easy to remove and require some specialised equipment and as they are filled with acid which is high risk and dangerous.

Which battery is more suitable for your forklift?

The battery/battery cell type is specific to the Make and Model of your forklift as it has to fit into the battery case that fits your forklift.

What are your tips to charge a forklift battery?

Charge batteries when they are down to 20%.

Top up with distilled water after charging not before.

Always let the battery charger finish its cycle.

Charge in a well-ventilated area.

If you have not charged a unit before asking another staff member or the company that supplied it for instruction

How much does the typical forklift cost?

This is how long is a piece of string.  Forklift range greatly in cost.  First establish what weight you want to lift, to what height?  What environment?, eg warehousing with pallet racking etc.  once you have answered these questions you know what you are looking for and can approach a supplier for prices.

What Is the Battery’s Voltage?

A batteries voltage is specific to the forklift it is fitted to.  Each cell is usually 2 volt and connected in series to make up the required voltage.  Common voltages are 24 volt, 36 volt and 48 volt.  There is usually a plate on the side of the battery box that will have the voltage stamp or printed on it.

How Long Will the Battery Last?

Lead Acid type flooded batteries are usually given a life of 5 years in a high use environment, with proper maintenance and care.  Of course, batteries can last way longer than this. 

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