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Choosing the right forklift: Efficiency, safety & savings

Imagine this for a minute: your warehouse is a well-oiled machine, a symphony of productivity. The secret ingredient? Having the perfect forklift for each and every task. Using the right forklift isn't just about efficiency – it's about safety, optimising space and keeping your operation running smoothly.

Why Consider Pre-Owned Forklifts?

Buying a pre-owned forklift can be a fantastic option. They're not only significantly cheaper than brand-new models but well-maintained used forklifts can perform just as well as ones that were rolled out of the factory only a few weeks ago. The key is finding the perfect fit for your specific needs.

Forklifts for Every Application

Shipping and receiving: The workhorses

The most common forklift task?  Moving mountains (well, pallets!) of goods. Here, the choice depends on your materials and containers.

  • Internal combustion (IC) forklifts are the best for sheer weight capacity and are perfect for heavy-duty applications.
  • Electric forklifts are a great eco-friendly choice for lighter loads, especially if you have a larger fleet for continuous operation.
  • For tight spaces and precise handling, consider walkie stackers or pallet jacks.

Forklifts for narrow aisles: Making the most of your space

Warehouses sometimes have narrow aisles for efficient storage and often house lighter items like food and beverages. Here, you'll need a forklift that can navigate those tight spaces with ease and get around easily in those smaller isle spaces.

  • Walkie stackers and walkie-reach trucks are perfect for aisles under 3-4 metres wide.
  • Industrial walkie stackers offer you extra lift height for slightly taller aisles.
  • For wider aisles (over 4 metres), explore electric or smaller IC forklifts.
  • Super heavy-duty lifting? Consider a box car forklift or a high-capacity large cushion lift for loads exceeding 7,000 kg.

Dock to storage: Streamlining your operation

Large businesses need a powerful solution to move mountains of materials quickly. Here's where high-performance forklifts kick in and really hold their own.

  • Standard rider forklifts with standard forks are the workhorses for most docking and stocking applications.
  • Electric forklifts – even pre-owned models, can handle heavy loads with minimal emissions, making them ideal for indoor warehouses.

Remember, choosing the right forklift is an investment in your business's efficiency and safety. Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. Let's find the perfect forklift to optimise your operation and keep your warehouse humming!


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