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5 Common Problems With Forklifts You Can Avoid

Here are 5 problems that you should be aware and avoid in your used forklift


1. Chain wear – keeping chains cleans is a very good idea, but even more critical is keeping them lubricated. Unlubricated chains wear quicker, can cause wear on other forklift parts also, like chain rollers. When a forklift is serviced properly by a qualified mechanic, the chains will be lubricated. At this time the lubricant removes the unwanted dirt from the chains by displacing it.

2. Engine Oil Leaks – Modern engine oil is specifically blended with agents and formulas that condition and swell oil seals. So by doing regular oil changes, not only are removing oil contaminates but introducing good oil and products that condition seals and maintain your engine.

3. Fork Tine Replacement – manner people don’t understand that chains need to be adjusted. Chains stretch, parts wear, and as they do, the tines at the heel touch the ground and wear the heel of the tine. When a tine is worn by just b10%, it is illegal and the pair of fork tines will need to be replaced. So keep tines adjusted correctly. At the time of service, the qualified mechanic will adjust the tines if it is required, so they don’t rub against the ground, increasing the lift of the fork tines.

4. Replace Tyres – tyres should be replaced when they are beyond the wear mark limit. If they are used past the limit, not only are they dangerous, but they will cause excessive wear to the for forklift, in the kingpins, bearings, tie rods end etc. so when they are due, change tyres promptly.

5. Brake Rebuilds – something I tell customer, is that Brake Fluid should be changed every 2 years. Brake fluid absorbs water, and this trapped water will cause rust in the brake cylinders, on the bore of the cylinders, which will tear the seals apart and cause brake failure. So I believe it is a good idea to change brake fluid every 2 years at the time of service.

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