Tow Tractor Motor Servicing


Eureka Forklifts has highly experienced Technicians to carry out service and, repairs of various Tow Tractors (Tow Tugs), and Toyota units. We carry a range of exclusive parts for tow tractors in our service vans that allow us to repair your towing tug on-location, and in the shortest amount of time.

We have extended experience with the following Toyota tow motor models:

  • 2TG10
  • 2TD25
  • 3TD35

Giving new life to old motors

Alternatively, a used tow tractor can be given a new life through refurbishment. Our skilled technicians perform a full wheels-off mechanical inspection and repair. All components of the unit are overhauled as necessary or by customer specification.

Finally a quality repaint and OEM styled sticker pack is added to the unit to match the high quality mechanical repairs. Examples of such repaired units are available here.

A standard 250 Hour Preventative Maintenance Service includes:

  • – Replace oil filter.
  • – Replace oil.
  • – Full greasing of machine.
  • – Adjust rear brakes and inching.
  • – Check coolant levels.
  • – Carry out General Safety Checks.
  • – Full report on any repair items.
  • – Full report on recommendations for any additional repairs.


Additionally, the following filters will be serviced if required:

  • Clean air filter – Replaced every 2000 hours.
  • Replace fuel filter – Replaced every 1000 hours.

Contact our office for latest rates

Additional works can be performed during any scheduled maintenance or breakdown repair, upon request. Eureka Forklifts recommends all Toyota Tow Motors operating in a standard environment be serviced every 250 hours. We encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss how we can repair or refurbish your damaged or old tow tractor.


To enquire more about our Towing Tug service options at Brisbane Airport or any location in South East Queensland, please call our Brisbane office on (07) 3865 1205.

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