What is a “Clear View Mast” and why do I want one?

Generally speaking, purchasing a used forklift, or committing to a long term hire agreement is a significant decision for any business. As such, we at Eureka Forklifts want our customers to know all the advantages and disadvantages of any forklift they consider.

One of the regularly discussed features of a forklift is the type of mast, and the restrictions to visibility forced upon the forklift operator. Container Masts are a very common in modern forklifts as they allow the forklift to lift in greatly height restricted areas (such as inside a container!), however this feature comes with a huge caveat – driver visibility is greatly reduced when lifting. The photos below demonstrate how the central lift cylinder interrupts the driver’s clear line of sight and hence means the driver must operate in a slower, more cautious manner.


In addition to restricted visibility, a container mast costs slightly more to maintain due to the added complexities of the full free mast.

In contrast, a “Clear View Mast” does not have a central lift cylinder. Most clear view masts are two-stage, and are quite high. The forklift would not be able to operate in height restricted areas, such as under a mezzanine floor or inside a container. Clear view masts are a popular choice in outdoor yards and places where there are no height restrictions. Additionally the forklift operator has less restrictions to visibility and can manoeuvre the forklift in a safer manner.

If you have any queries regarding the selection of mast types prior to the purchase of your used forklift, simply call our highly skilled team in Brisbane.

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