On-site Forklift Servicing in Brisbane


We offer Brisbane’s best on-site forklift service and maintenance, which saves hundreds of dollars in transportation costs.

Eureka Forklifts has been servicing forklifts in Brisbane for over twenty years. Our technicians are trained to complete anything from a scheduled preventative maintenance to a full overhaul service in our North-Brisbane workshop.

Preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring that your forklift will be 100% operational when you need it. Eureka Forklifts offers forklift operators a convenient way to service and maintain your forklift, at a reasonable price.

A standard 250 hour maintenance service includes:

  • New engine oil,
  • New oil filter,
  • New air filter,
  • New spark plugs,
  • Full greasing of machine,
  • Adjusting of brakes and inching,
  • Coolant level check,
  • General safety check,
  • And, a recommendation for any additional repairs that may improve the performance and reliability of your forklift.

Our skilled service technicians will conduct all these basic repairs and checks at your workplace which means that your forklift service will only take two hours instead of two days!

Approximately every 1000 hours of operation in standard environments, we recommend a ‘wheels off’ inspection. For more details on our servicing options and plans, check out our Forklift Servicing page, or call our office during business hours.

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