Forklift Repairs and Servicing in Brisbane

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Our forklift service technicians are highly qualified in all aspects of forklift maintenance and problem diagnostics. You may be surprised at the difference that can be made by affordable regular servicing. Many customers save a significant amount of lost time and hassle, just by making sure everything is in working order on a regular basis.

We believe that scheduled and planned maintenance, as opposed to reactive repairs, is the key to optimising productivity and ensuring your forklift meets safety regulations. To help meet your safety requirements whilst saving you money, we can tailor a maintenance plan to suit every application. Our staff work directly with your key people to maximise the lifetime of your forklifts but at the same time making sure your machines are as cost effective as possible.

Our planned forklift service and repairs are done under agreement rather than by binding contract. The agreement puts your forklift details in our database and alerts us when it is due for service at intervals agreed by both parties or by the manufacturer's recommendations.



Our well-equipped, and modern workshop in the Northern suburbs of Brisbane is equipped to deal with every repair that your forklift may need. From major component rebuilds to yearly 1000 hour servicing - our team get keep your machine running smoothly. This means you can count on us as a one-stop-shop for taking care of your fleet. We can offer you a replacement hire unit for the duration of your forklift repairs.

Our workshop boasts a paint and de-greasing bay and we are equipped for most modifications and alterations. We have access to engineers for full compliance of all modifications to your forklift, from hydraulic attachment fitting to overheard guard modification for drive-in racking.


Eureka Forklifts is able to service and maintain various types of industrial equipment


Forklift Repairs - Brisbane Wide Field Service

We understand that your forklift is important to your business. When you call for breakdown service we stop at nothing to get you back up and running safely and in a timely manner. After all, we understand how important it is to minimise lost time and get your project back on track. If the forklift repairs are not cost effective to be fixed on site we can offer a rental unit in its place until yours is operational. Special rates apply under these circumstances. Our well-equipped service vans stock a vast range of fast moving parts and the tools to do the job right the first time.