Casual Forklift and Driver Hire in Brisbane

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"Casual Forklift Hire" refers to then rental of a forklift truck (with or without a driver) for a period between One day to One Month. Eureka Forklifts is also able to offer "Wet Forklift Hire", meaning the hire of a forklift truck and fully licensed driver to operate the forklift for you.


Our fleet of rental forklifts include registered forklift trucks that allow operation in public spaces, as well as heavy lifters that weigh in excess of 20 Tonne! Whatever your needs, Eureka Forklifts is able to help. In addition, we can bundle various forklift attachments with your hire. For example, Slippers, Jibs and Container Ramps are all available. To request more information, or an obligation free quote, complete the form below, and our team will respond during business hours. Please ensure that all relevant details are provided - such as the lifting requirements, site condition, and hire duration - so that our team can provide the most suitable forklift from our fleet.